Looking after your pet's need's, when you are away!


Whether they are your pets or mine, they will all be loved the same!

- Melanie


Cat sitting is Purrfect Services forte. I will come right into your home and care for you cats while you are enjoying a well earned holiday or away on business.


Do your pets love the outdoors? Well... so do I!

- Melanie


Walking the dog, what dog doesn't like a good walk! Does your dog deserve a break today? Of course they do, that is why I am here to help.


Do your pets like to curl up inside... I am great company!

- Melanie


Does your pet just like the companionship, I am here to keep them company so you do not have to worry while you are away.


Do your plants need some TLC when you are away... I can care for them too!

- Melanie


House cleaning, don't have time anymore? Everyone is living a much busier lifestyle these days. I have the time to clean your house so you don't have to!


Purrfect Service provides quality care for your cats when you want to take that holiday or need to go on a business trip and your cats don't.

Purrfect Service also loves the waggers. I offer dog sitting and walking as part of my services.

Purrfect Service can capture your pets charm with colored pencil pet portraits.

Purrfect Service specializes in house cleaning.

Serving Surrey BC and surrounding areas of Cloverdale, Langley, South Surrey and New Westminster.

Purrfect ServiceWhy Choose Us?

  • Reliable

    I have many reference, all available upon request. You can trust that your home is safe in my hands!
  • Insured

    I am insured and covered if the unimaginable happens.
  • Licensed

    I am fully licensed so you can feel comfortable with me being in your home.
  • Pet First Aid

    Does you pet need special treatment... I am able to administer many type of medicines for your pet.
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  • Setup
  • Addons
  • Extras


A RocketLauncher is a custom, full Joomla package that installs a near equivalent of the demo onto your server.

This option allows you to check exactly how the demo is constructed.


In addition, Vermilion has free online guides to assist in setting up the template on your site.

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Image Sources

Vermilion is bundled with Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources, which are layered and edible, for customizing.

The sources are available to all active club members or Vermilion purchasers.


All RocketTheme Extensions for Vermilion are free and can be downloaded separately.

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Coming Soon/Offline

Stylistically integrated custom designed Offline or Coming Soon, with a configurable time counter, are available.

The sources are available to all active club members or Vermilion purchasers.


Create exquisite graphical charts using HTML5 and Chart.js, which is built-in with Vermilion.

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More Features

  • Grid System +

    The module layout is split into rows of up to 6 grid blocks. Each grid block has per page width controls.
  • Custom Interface +

    Controlled via an advanced user interface, with tabs, toggles, sliders and modals, to allow easy configuration.
  • Built-in Features +

    Features are self contained elements of functionality. They can easily hook into a Gantry template.
  • Top Notch Support +

    Community forum support as well as publicly available online documentation, to assist and guide.
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